EXPO specialises in the sale of Jahreswagens. These are late model second hand cars purchased directly from Mercedes-Benz, Germany. These cars have been run in by Mercedes-Benz employees and handed in after approximately a year, with an average mileage of 20,000 km. After a thorough inspection of the engine, body work and interior, these cars are shared out between the affiliated brand distributors in Europe, including Expo. All cars have a known history and guaranteed mileage; thanks to the Car-Pass.

This direct collaboration ensures that we can offer the cars at the most competitive prices. The prices of these cars are up to 50% lower than the new price. You also spare yourself the greatest depreciation by buying a Jahreswagen, as a new car loses the highest percentage of its value in the first year.


All cars at Expo have a minimum warranty of one year. This warranty is increased if the factory warranty extends beyond the minimum warranty period until the car is two years old.

After-sales service

At Expo we remain at your service after the purchase of your car. Do you have any questions about the operation of your car? Would you like to have a towbar fitted or purchase winter tyres? We're always available to help.

In addition, each year we hold various activities allowing you to buy certain items at very low prices. Follow the blog to keep up to date with these.

At Expo you can also go to the modern workshop for your car's annual service or for repairs in case of damage to the body work.